Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones have taken over the world. Ever since the first iPhone was launched, a new market opportunity was created for the marketing segment, for example, slotting advertisements in phone games. Technology has advanced so far, and as of 2018, 52.5% of all website traffic worldwide is generated through mobile phones.  And given that people on average check their phone 150 times daily, we can see why now many companies have given up on traditional Television marketing and made the shift instead.

Let’s talk about mobile technology, and how it is changing the marketing world.

  • Accessibility

More people owns smartphones now than ever. It is more common to see somebody own a smartphone than to own a personal computer, laptop or even television! Why? What you are able to do on a computer can now be done on a smartphone too! Also, there are many spots that you can get free Wi-Fi around Singapore for example in shopping malls, fast food and coffee outlets such as Starbucks. This enables the majority to have access to the internet, and is already a way for marketers to deliver their messages across, for example with the use of push notifications!

  • Personal user experience

Smartphones are not only receivers of information, but also transmitters of information without you realizing it. Ever wonder how sometimes you will receive an email or a notification that mentions your name or something specific about you? Yes, certain apps can track your information stored, and marketers nowadays have access to many of the consumer’s data, which allows for personal user experience. With the right tools and applications, it is easy to convert to a large amount of data to be used for each individual.

  • Many ways to deliver messages

Push Notifications – It is a pop-up that will get your attention quickly, which is proven effective as it increases your app open rate as well as retain mobile app users. Even if they do not click on the pop-up, they are still able to read what is advertised.

Email – 67.2% of consumers use their smartphone to check their emails, which is why now emails are something not to be missed out when trying to deliver a message by companies.

SMS/Text – Though it is an old service, SMS is becoming a more popular way to reach customers. Since it is rarer to receive SMS from friends nowadays, when you do receive one, I am sure that you will open it and read it!

Video – Video marketing has the highest conversion rate of all time. 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. With the help of Facebook and Instagram, it isn’t hard getting your video across to the masses, which also can be linked to my previous blog post about how viral marketing is achieved.

Are you convinced that mobile marketing is the way to go? Let me know in the comments!

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